Whitaker RV in Linden, California, has always focused on meeting customers’ demands by giving no less than the best RV repair services possible. We understand how important it is to ensure the safety of your vehicles. That is why, when we expanded, we also beefed up our security system.

Our Expansion
We moved our shop from Stockton to Linden, so our customers can get easier access. The move was imperative to accommodate our growing number of clients.

Our Reputation
Since our establishment in 1996, we’ve focused on delivering total customer satisfaction. Through the years, we’ve developed the stability and consistency of our company. This boosted our reputation so much that customers don’t even mind traveling as far as 100 miles to acquire our services.

Secure Facility
To ensure the security of our customers’ RVs, we have equipped our facility with a 24-hour surveillance system. This, along with our fence alarm with a prompt security response time, effectively deters unlawful entities from entering our shop premises. Installing these security measures puts our customers at ease. Not only does it assure you that your RVs are safe with us, but it also allows our crew to render impeccable services without any threat. Aside from these service areas, our system secures the parts and camping necessities we stock in our property.

Contact us today in Linden, California, to learn more about the advantages of booking our RV repair services.